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Truckiez instantly gives you access to thousands of trusted and reviewed truck drivers at short notice, at a competitive rate and allows you to track your delivery status and location at every stage of the journey. No phone calls, no paperwork, just a fast and efficient trucking service .

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Truckiez helps you to get more work at great rates and get paid quickly.

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Drivers App

Get offers directly to your phone. 

Manage jobs easily and automatically without making dozens of phone calls.

Get the right type of jobs directly to your phone

Get paid fast and automatically

Review and accept jobs in less than a minute

Great customer service for yourself and your customers

Super easy to use

Manage shipping documents simply

Track and manage your fleet

Get opportunities based on your location and preferences

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About Truckiez

Truckiez is an online platform, aiming to make logistics effortless to any shipper regardless of size and buying power. Truckiez strive to allow any shipper to benefit from a remarkable freight expertise, as if they had the same analytics team as the huge companies. 

We understand freight and see the missed opportunities every day. We've build a platform which allows carriers and shippers to bridge that gap. 

Truckiez is simply the easiest and most cost-effective way to book trucks in Australia. 

Truckiez is focusing on FTL linehaul, regional and metro shipments. Our carriers are well validated and have great references and our rates are most competitive.