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About Truckiez

The road freight industry is highly fragmented with over 80% of the market operated by carriers with 1-5 trucks. This creates a huge challenge in running logistics smoothly and getting visibility on trucks, inefficiencies and potential issues. Everyone outsource to everyone which creates a margins-on-margins problem. In a $52B market - this becomes an issue which affects all consumers.  There is a constant supply-demand mismatch as the industry does not have a way to optimize  itself as a whole and to minimize the underutilized capacity. 

Truckiez have created the easiest and most transparent way to book trucks.

Being Australia's most advance freight company, Truckiez strives to make freight management as simple as a push of a button. All trucks have a GPS so that both carriers and shippers are best prepared to handle it on arrival to the pick up point, drop-off point or any issue on the way. Truckiez is built to service line-haul industry or "Middle-Mile". Businesses who have freight requirements of metro-to-metro can benefit from saving money on driver's waiting time, paperwork handling and tedious invoice reconciliation.   

Truckiez guarantees consistent availability of compliant and reliable trucks to shippers.

Truckiez was founded in early 2016 by a group of serial entrepreneurs. After acquiring TIC Group as a client, a partnership was formed to which allows us to deploy our technology on existing network of moving thousands of loads a week.

Get in touch today and make your freight effortless.